Monday, May 06, 2013

Drive your business in right way with exact content

Now – a-days there are more competition is going on through online. So we need to show alone from others to get good name and position in this competition world.

You are driving your business through online, you need to choose exact or Geo targeting keywords which use ful to your business. There is a small moral story about targeting exact keywords.

There is three tailors running their business in a same street. One day they plan to advertise their business to show how special from others. So the fix the banners in front of their shop

Tailor1 banner displays “Best tailor in the country”…..people went to his shop
Tailor2 banner displays “Best tailor in the world” …..Then people went to his shop

Nobody went to tailor3 shop……….Now the tailor 3 confused to what to write?? After two days he fix the banner with his specialties…….all the crowd went to his shop


Tailor3 banner displays “Best tailor in the street” …..

This power of Local SEO, first you need to develop in your circle you develop in world wide.

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