Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Comparision Between SEO vs SEO 2.0

There are Lot of changes happens on SEO Techniques, Let check some intersting and basic comparision between SEO vs SEO2.0

SEO 2.0
Link building, manually adding them, submitting static websites to directories, link exchange, paying for links
Getting links, via blogging, writing pillar content, creating link bait, socializing
On site optimization for spiders. Example: Repetitive page titles concentrating (solely) on keywords
On site optimization for users. Example: Kick ass post headlines
Competition: You compete with others to be on the first page/in the Google top 10 for keywords
Cooperation: You cooperate with each other sharing fellow bloggers' posts on social media, you link to them
Barter: You give me a link and only then I will give you one
Giving: I link you regardless whether you link back, but in most cases you will, more than once
Hiding: We're not doing SEO, we can't show our client list publicly, generic SEO company
Being open: Welcome our new client xyz, we are proud to work together with them
optimization for links and rankings
optimization for traffic and engagement
clicks, page views, visits
conversions, ROI, branding
Main traffic sources: Google, Yahoo, MSN
Main traffic sources: Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, niche social news sites, blogs
one way communication
dialog, conversation
top down, corporations and old media decide what succeeds
bottom up, wisdom of crowds determines true popularity via participation
undemocratic, who pays most is on top
democratic, who responds to popular demand is on top
50% automated, half of the SEO tasks can be done by SEO software
10% automated, most SEO 2.0 tasks are about content and interaction


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