Friday, April 26, 2013

Tips for success Your Business on Online

If you’re started small business in your city. you need to make  in Online for brand awareness because now - a- days most people spending their maximum hours in the virtual world inside the internet. That why as a small business, you must use influence the power of the internet to your advantage. One way to make yourself look better in the need to create and  monitor your brand profile regularly because the  positive feedback step you in the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

1. Optimize the website
Make your company’s name is “Priti fabs” must be your domain name “”. Then only your site is visible when the users search with your company name. This is the most basic and common thing you can do, its helpful to get your website to rank higher in Google and also optimize for relevant and important keywords which is relevant to your business. Get your website to rank at the top of Search Engine.

2. Use Google Maps
It is very important that you identify your location and improve visibility on Google users. Make sure you are visible on google for your product or store for relevant keywords related to your business.

3. Create A Social Media Profile
Social media websites like Facebook and the Twitter  is helps to carry your business to next step on online. Create a social media page on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t create a profile just like that, Make your Facebook Page having with useful information what your customer’s needed. Update with fresh content on the regularly. Create a blog for your website. It helps in increase backlinks to your website.

4. Use Of Google Alerts
There are plenty of ORM software available in the internet to help you monitor what people write about your company. you can use Google Alerts because it is a free. You create an account and type in the keywords you want to monitor then Google sends you alerts whenever there is new content for that keyword search. For example you can type in your name and Google tells you when and where you can find content that has your name in it. It’s a good way of tracking whenever negative content is created because you can act on it immediately.

5. Be alert on Negative Reviews
Negative Reviews can spread like wild fire if not immediately acted upon. Just as social media has become a great advantage to build a relationship with the market, it has also been terribly damaging if there is bad content circulated about a brand. There is really no way to erase negative content, but you can bury it using SEO techniques. It is important that you build a virtual space, like a forum, where you can interact with your market. When there is negative content, show authentic concern about where you have failed your customers and make an effort to improve. Be proactive about it. Don’t just hide your bad rep through SEO, though that really helps, but also commit to excellent customer service. 

You can practice to improve your business on online with good business ethics. And also you can rectify your mistakes from negative reviews.

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